Dry Air Coolers

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland have a new range of dry air blast coolers available for hire ranging from 25kW to 500kW.

It is common that clients incorporate Carrier Rental Systems Ireland Dry Air Coolers into site contingency plans to facilitate fast delivery and connection in the event of a failure. They are often used as an alternative to cooling towers, which can take up much more space. Our dry air cooler rental fleet ranges from 25kW to 500kW units, you can also combine multiple units to give larger capacity packages.

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Dry Air Cooler Hire

A full ancillary equipment service is also provided with any Dry Air Cooling application, along with a full service and support package throughout the Dry Air Cooler rental period.

Prior to the rental, Carrier Rental Systems Ireland will also provide their standard Dry Air Cooling service which includes design, specification and consultation along with the initial free site survey.

Whether you require a dry air cooler to:

  • Increase capacity during periods of high ambient temperatures.
  • Act as primary site cooling to eliminate the need for capital expenditure.
  • Provide additional cooling to meet batch or project requirements.
  • Continue production during maintenance periods.

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland will provide efficient, reliable dry air coolers with a complete service support package to match your specific requirement.

Dry Air Cooler Frequently Asked Questions:

No, dry air coolers use very little power as there is no mechanical refrigeration involved.
No, there is no need for water treatment for legionella although its good practice to treat the water and add glycol for frost protection.
Our dry air coolers range from 25kW through to 1mW.
Yes, dry air coolers are versatile with variable fan speeds and adjustable temperature settings they can offer a cost effective cooling option.
Yes, we can deliver UK wide emergency same day and next day.
We have a large fleet held throughout our network of 7 locations.

Dry Air Cooler Hire can provide vital heat dissipation in the following industries:

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