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Carrier Rental Systems Ireland has been supplying specialist temperature control and power generation equipment to a wide range of markets and industries for many years.

Understanding your rental needs

Our main aim is to find the right service for you, by looking at your needs as a client. We have a comprehensive support service which includes a complete pre-hire system design and equipment specification service. This enables you to obtain the most efficient and cost effective solution to suit your particular rental requirements.

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Technical Expertise - Planning and Analysis

We can create a tailor-made package for you to ensure that all of your needs are met. All of our systems are designed with high levels of reliability, efficiency and performance. By investing in the best quality equipment we can ensure that running costs are kept to a minimum, without sacrificing any of the performance.

Specialist Industry Expertise

Carrier Rental Systems have many years of experience in hiring temporary cooling and heating solutions to clients throughout Ireland. In the past we have served an extensive range of industries, providing our clients with flexible, cost effective and valuable solutions. Our team have the skills and expertise to provide you with a complete turnkey service.

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