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Dehumidifier Hire

Dehumidifier hire is the best way to control moisture levels and prevent condensation and mould. Designed for regular or emergency usage, our rental dehumidifiers can work as standalone or be combined with a heating unit. Ideal for industrial use.

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland dehumidifier units provide an efficient means of removing moisture from a process, production or storage area. These rental dehumidifiers can also be utilised just as effectively to reduce drying time in flood or water damaged areas.

Dehumidifier Hire

Our dehumidifier rental units are provided either independently or with additional temperature control units. Carrier Rental Systems Ireland dehumidifier hire packages have been effectively installed across a wide number of industries to reduce drying times, minimise corrosion, accelerate coating operations and provide close controlled production environments.

Applications range from providing cool dry air to support nuclear power station maintenance during shutdown periods to providing dry air to confectionery processes.

Whatever the application Carrier Rental Systems have the technical knowledge to match the needs of your project to the appropriate moisture control unit.

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland extensive experience in the hire dehumidification units. We guarantee that the quality of service and equipment will be kept to the highest standard throughout the project.

As a leading rental company, we are completely client focused. We can advise on system design, specify the most efficient equipment and provide a complete installation. In addition, we offer a 24/7 support service during the rental period, so don't have to worry about being faced with any problems.

We ensure that all of our equipment is efficient and reliable, as well as complying with the latest safety regulations.

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