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Spot Cooling Air Conditioning

Do you need to hire spot cooling units? Hire or Buy the latest, efficient spot coolers from Carrier – the industry’s experts.

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland provide a range of equipment, including spot coolers which are available on various flexible hire plans. They are designed with a flexible discharge hose which removes waste heat from the area to be cooled, allowing for quick and efficient installation.

All of our spot coolers are manufactured to the highest specifications, with a full range of safety features and controls incorporated into every model, allowing for straightforward and reliable operation.

The latest compressor technology is also incorporated into our spot cooling equipment to ensure maximum efficiency when dealing with various cooling loads.

Air Conditioning Hire

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland offer portable air conditioning and heating equipment which is available for immediate hire. This gives users access to equipment which can deal with localised hot and cold spots for a wide range of commercial applications. In addition to this, we also offer complete solutions for temperature control in the event of main equipment failure, cooling processes and other industrial purposes.

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland is in the ideal position to provide heating and cooling solutions for server rooms, telecommunications rooms, offices, schools, waiting rooms and various other public places. Our services have been utilised in receptions, showrooms, events, exhibitions, retail outlets, restaurants, kitchens, hospitals and medical centres to name a few.

Our cooling services are also utilised within the construction industry to help dry concrete and plaster for major projects in a uniform and controlled manner. We also provide a flexible fan hire and rental service to meet your needs, from cooling in a certain room to helping speed up a drying process.

Our Service

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland provides air conditioning hire solutions to a wide variety of clients, working across a diverse range of industry sectors. More specifically, Carrier Rental Systems provides temporary portable air-conditioning units, chillers, heaters, evaporative coolers, dehumidifiers and a whole host of associated temperature and moisture control accessories to clients. These services are available to our clients on either a temporary rental basis or permanently through our sales department.

These units are provided for rental and hire as well as for sale to facilities companies, building service companies and refrigeration companies, as well as direct to end users. These services ensure that you get the right rapid cooling solutions you need, even for very demanding, temperature sensitive areas such as server rooms or telecommunications rooms. This has enabled us to gain a huge amount of experience to ensure that our client’s operations are maintained.

In summary, whichever industry you are in and whatever you requirements are for heating, cooling, drying or moisture control, Carrier Rental Systems Ireland will have a solution.

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