Temporary Air Conditioning Hire

Are you running an event or exhibition with temporary structures that need air conditioning? Or do you need temporary air conditioning for your office building or hotel whilst your main fixed air conditioning system is being repaired?

Well we can help – call Carrier Rental Systems Ireland now for a fast, competitive temporary air conditioning hire quote. Carrier Rental Systems is one of the Ireland’s leading specialists in temporary air conditioning, providing a valuable and cost-effective service to commercial sectors and environments, such as data centers, telecommunications, hospitals and food storage. We have a fleet of air conditioning units for hire and sale, offering fast, effective and reliable air conditioning solutions.

Our emergency service ensures standby units are readily available and we can offer a 24 hour installation service if required. As you would expect from a cooling specialist we also provide a variety of air conditioning and cooling units for hire and sale to commercial businesses.

Air Conditioning Hire

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland offers air conditioning and heating equipment available for immediate hire. This is suitable for dealing with localised hot and cold spots for a wide variety of commercial applications, plus we also provide a full temperature control solution in the event of main equipment failure and spot cooling processes within industrial companies.

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland is ideally situated to provide heating and cooling solutions for server rooms, telecommunications rooms, offices, schools, waiting rooms and other public areas, including; receptions, showrooms, events and exhibitions, retail outlets, restaurants and kitchens, marquees, hospitals and medical centres to name but a few. Our range of de-humidifiers rentals are ideal to dry out properties after a fire or flood.

They are also used in the construction industry to dry concrete and plaster speeding up completion of major projects in a controlled manner. We also provide a versatile fan hire and rental service. To summarise, whichever industry you are in, and whatever it is that you are heating, cooling, drying or moisture control requirements may be, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, Carrier Rental Systems Ireland will have a solution.

Our Service

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland provides hire solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors. This is either on a short term hire contract basis or permanently through our sales department.

These units are available for rental and hire as well as for sale to facilities companies. Direct end user sales are also available, if you need a rapid cooling solution for an important and temperature sensitive area, such as data centres or telecommunication rooms. This has enabled Carrier Rental Systems to gain a huge amount of experience to ensure client’s operations are maintained.

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