Chemical & Petrochemical

For critical cover and increased production benefits. Temporary liquid chillers, boilers and air conditioning for the chemical & petrochemical industry.

Temporary Cooling and Heating Hire for the Chemical & Petrochemical Industry in Ireland

Carrier Rental Systems offers flexible, cost-effective, high value temperature control solutions for all of our clients, including those in the petrochemical industry. Carrier combines the experience of a major equipment manufacturer whilst being a major player in the international equipment rental market.

Providing a rapid response with high quality, reliable equipment is what you’ll get when you contact our customer response team. Our team of specification engineers will ensure that you get the perfect solution for your needs and our technicians ensure that all equipment is tested prior to rental.

When equipment is decided upon, we ensure that it is installed, commissioned and de-installed to save you time and money. You can be confident that our solutions are fully optimised to minimise your running costs, maximise performance and ensure the protection of the environment.

Carrier Rental Systems have many years direct experience providing heating and cooling solutions to the chemical & petrochemical industry using the following HVAC equipment:

Bringing the benefits of additional production capacity to the chemical & petrochemical sector

We can install full systems, stand-alone process chilling systems or provide equipment to supplement existing on-site capacity. These systems can be offered on short or long term rental contracts within the petrochemical industry.

By using rental equipment you get the opportunity to expand output or speed up production with no need for lead times, as our response can match your requirements. You can remove bottlenecks caused by a shortage of existing on-site capacity, or enhance individual unit production requiring a different temperature range by hiring temperature control equipment.

Additional slipstream cooling for sea or river water condenser circuits will decrease system temperatures and increase output. We provide a complete package of reliable units and all of the necessary pipe work.

Temporary chilled storage can be created to extend capacity or cover scheduled maintenance periods. Through this method, temperature and humidity sensitive products can be managed easily.

Our services are available on a 24 hour availability basis, with chillers from 5kW to 5000kW, air conditioning units from 2kW to 2000kW, spot cooling and portable space heating. Vessel cooling and heating units are also available to enhance batch production where required.

Supporting you

Carrier Rental Systems has a vast range of experience which can help support you throughout with a completely flexible approach to your rental needs. Pilot plants, one-off contracts or testing facilities may require temporary liquid chiller or boilers designed to suit exact requirements.

Our experienced specification team is on hand from the earliest stages of a project to ensure that you have the best solution. In addition to this, 24 hour cover is also provided during the rental period.

We offer short or long term contract rental periods to suit the exact demands of your business. In addition to this, you can sub-contract your standby cooling equipment to help save you money and space by using our guaranteed contingency service. For more information on this, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Different risk management assessments may require the use of our contingency planning service, enabling preparation of heating and cooling systems to be ready to switch over to a temporary service with minimal disruption.

We can ensure that a full package of ancillary equipment is provided and our turnkey management can include services such as power supply management, crane hire, scaffold platforms and road closure amongst other services.

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