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Indirect Diesel Fired Heaters

As with electric systems, Carrier Rental Systems’ Indirect Fired Heater Hire Range is easy to install, giving clean, warm air flow to larger areas. Our units range from 70kW to 200kW and are fully self-contained with ducted hot air outlets and simple controls.

Our indirect fired heaters are the perfect for anyone who is looking to heat a large space where there is limited ventilation. These units have proved popular with clients from the construction industry in particular as they are an effective drying tool, especially when combined with a dehumidifier. Ideal for any warehousing, construction and event heating applications.

Indirect Diesel Fired Heater Hire

Whether you are looking for a temporary hire or a permanent sale, we can help! Our friendly customer service team can advise you on the best product, depending on your budget, location and requirements.

Each of these units has been carefully designed so that it only releases clean, fume-free air. This way you don’t have to worry about any health or environmental problems. We also invest in the latest technology to ensure that all of our units keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.

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