Emergency Generator Hire

Emergency Response Generator Hire – Need to hire a Generator or Temporary Power System fast? Whatever the situation, Carrier Rental Systems Ireland will respond 24/7/365 days a year to any emergency power or temperature control requirement.

Emergency Generator Hire

Clients often regard Carrier Rental Systems Ireland as the fourth emergency service, having come to rely on their local depot network to assist when mechanical breakdowns or adverse weather creates problems.

Our conscientious generator hire and service team have a genuine desire to help out.

As the need for temporary power solutions becomes an increasing requirement across Ireland, Carrier Rental Systems are in a position to quickly and effectively respond to our clients needs. Our fleet of specialist generators, 24/7 response and experienced staff ensures we can provide the right solution in what is often a difficult and often distressing situation.

Flexible Emergency Generator Hire from Carrier

Carrier Rental Systems has co-operated closely with Public Utilities, National Power Providers and National Construction Companies in alleviating Emergency Power situations.

Equipment/Services Supplied:

  • Generator Hire
  • Chiller Hire
  • Heating Hire
  • Dehumidification Hire
  • Boiler Hire
  • Air Conditioning Hire

Emergency Generator Hire

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland offer portable heating and air conditioning equipment which is available for immediate hire. This equipment is suitable for dealing with localised hot and cold spots across a wide variety of commercial applications. In addition to this, we also provide full temperature control solutions in the event of main equipment failure within industrial companies.

Carrier Rental Systems is ideally situated to providing heating and cooling solutions for server rooms, telecommunications rooms, offices and a range of private rooms. In addition to this we can also provide emergency generator hire solutions for public areas such as waiting rooms, receptions, showrooms, events, retail outlets, restaurants, hospitals and many other areas.

The emergency generator hire service is ideal for solving immediate problems where primary equipment fails. It can also be utilised when existing equipment needs to be supplemented due to busy periods or during maintenance. The emergency generator hire also ties in perfectly with the other rental services we provide and can be offered in parallel.

In short, whichever industry you are in and whatever your heating, cooling, drying or energy requirements are, we will have a solution for you.

Our Service

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland provides emergency generator hire to a wide variety of clients who work in a range of industries. More specifically, Carrier Rental Systems provides rental of portable emergency generator hire, portable air conditioning units, chillers, heaters, evaporate coolers and dehumidifiers to those who need them.

Emergency generator hire units are provided for rental as well as for sale to various companies. Carrier Rental Systems have a huge amount of experience to ensure that client’s operations are maintained, so get in touch with us today for more information.

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