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Heater Hire

Carrier Rental Systems is one of Ireland’s most experienced heater hire specialists. Our fleet of modern, efficient heating equipment is available round-the-clock to meet your emergency heating requirements or bridge the gap during planned repair or maintenance.

Commercial and Industrial High Performance, Efficient Heaters Available in Heating Capacities from

1kW to 500kW

When your heating plant goes out of operation due to breakdown or planned maintenance, we can provide rapid replacement hire equipment on short or long-term basis to keep your building or business operating smoothly.

A Variety of Heating Solutions

We know how important heating is for both occupant comfort in buildings and specialist applications in the construction industry. Careful management of environmental conditions is vital during finishing processes such as screed drying and specialist timber management to ensure a quality finish.

Designed for Efficiency

Each of our heaters has been designed to improve the efficiency of your heating system. We will ensure that our heaters integrate with your existing heating system or run in place of your faulty heating system.

Quick and Easy Installation

These units have easy installation so our engineers can have them up and running in no time. This is essential if you run a business, as you will want to keep downtime to a minimum in order to avoid losing money.

Heater Hire Applies to a Number of Industry Sectors

Carrier Rental Systems has been supplying heaters to a wide range of markets and industries for many years.

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A wide range of heaters in stock and available for rapid deployment hire:

High performance heater equipment available 24/7

We invest constantly in our fleet of modern heating equipment to ensure customers have access to the most efficient and reliable systems available, supported by our experienced and friendly applications team.

New heating plant recently added to our fleet include high performance 150kW and 200kW Indirect Diesel-Fired (IDF) heaters. These clean-burning systems can be used standalone or in combination with our new range of specialist dehumidification units to create a total environmental control system covering all requirements and scales of application.

We have also recently expanded our fleet of electrically-powered 110V heating and drying equipment, ensuring we can cater for all construction industry requirements for equipment use on site. With continuing growth in the use of underfloor heating and related requirements for controlled screed drying, our proven 22kW electric boilers provide a perfect solution.

All plant is tested before being deployed on site, ensuring it works perfectly when commissioned and keeps operating reliably throughout the contract hire period. In the unlikely event of a problem, our experienced technical team is on 24/7 standby to ensure equipment remains in tip-top condition and continues to operate smoothly.

Heaters can be hired to cover a temporary need or on a long-term basis, giving you a cost-effective solution whatever your requirements.

Call us, and one of our experienced team will visit you to assess your requirements and provide a rapid solution.

Why Choose Carrier Rental Systems for your Heater Hire?

  • We are one of the leading experts in heating hire for both comfort and specialist construction applications.
  • Our modern fleet of high performance heaters is reliable, efficient and fully controllable.
  • Carrier Rental System’s experienced team will ensure you get the perfect solution to meet your heating need and budget.
  • All plant is tested before delivery to ensure it operates perfectly on arrival.
  • You are covered by our 24/7 support service, ensuring plant continues operating efficiently throughout your hire period.
  • With a network of locations across the UK and Ireland, we deliver equipment to your site rapidly as soon as we receive your order.

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