Construction Heating Hire

Carrier Rental Systems Irelands' experience in the construction industy means that we are ideally positioned to supply you with the best heating, drying and power hire equipment.

Construction Heating / Drying Hire

Temporary Heaters, Boilers, Dehumidifiers and Power Generators available NOW from Carrier Rental Systems for construction heating and drying.

Rapid Response 24/7

Designed with construction in mind, enjoy amazing deals on our heaters, boilers, dehumidifiers and power generators that are available for temporary hire NOW!

Our construction heating / drying solutions include:
  • Indirect fired heaters, ideal to aid drying
  • Small electric cabin heaters for the workforce
  • Temporary heating for extension construction
  • Heating for paint curing
  • Electric boilers for proving under floor heating systems and drying screed
  • Heating and hot water for large scale construction projects
  • Dehumidifiers to aid internal drying
Carrier Rental Systems will provide an efficient and reliable temporary construction heating or drying system with a complete service support package to match your specific requirements.

Construction Heating / Drying Hire from Carrier Rental Systems Ireland

With the facility to cater to all your requirements, the Carrier Rental Systems range of temporary heaters, boilers, dehumidifiers and power generators are ideally suited to construction heating and drying.

We offer heaters ranging from small-end electric up to 500kW high capacity IDF as well as boilers ranging from 22kW up to 3,000kW. To working in conjuction with our heating solutions we offer dehumidifiers starting at small scale refrigerant units up to large industrial desiccant units.

District Heating Hire
We can provide reliable power to support your construction heating and drying needs.

Construction Heating Hire Case Studies:


Construction Heating Hire - 400kW Heater Hire - Glasgow

Construction Heating Hire - 400kW Heater Hire - Glasgow

A £13.8m project to extend Tollcross International Swimming Centre for the 2014 Commonwealth Games left a big shortfall...

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