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Electric Fan Heaters

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland provides an extensive range of Electric Fan Heaters for hire. Our range is available for immediate, nationwide rental. Heater sizes range from 3 kW to 18 kW.

Carrier Rental Systems Ireland offer electric fan heater hire. Our industrial units consist of a robust, durable heater for more demanding environments. It works by using a fan to pass over a heat source, and are ideal for quickly heating a closed space.

Electric Fan Heater Hire

Carrier Rental Systems’ heating units are portable and fully self-contained giving ease of use and minimal installation cost.

Electric fan heaters can be made to be compact and portable, giving them exceptional versatility, particularly for emergency industrial heating applications. They are an efficient and fast way of heating a room, making them ideal for construction, warehouses and retail environments, but can be more expensive than fuel powered heaters. For this reason, they may be more suitable for temporary heating requirements.

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