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Temporary Mortuaries for Rapid Deployment Anywhere in Ireland and the UK

We offer a full turnkey service for the provision of temporary mortuaries, designed and built to the highest technical and ethical standards. Our experienced teams have immediate access to our fleet of high performance refrigeration equipment, electrical generators and insulated temporary structures, to create temporary mortuaries that operate to the same high standards as fixed installations.

Our network of branches across Ireland and the UK provides rapid access to our expert local teams, backed by our national logistics and support organisation.

When rapid expansion of mortuary capacity is required to meet emergencies, we can deploy high quality temporary mortuaries quickly anywhere in Ireland and the UK to protect public health.

Carrier Rental Systems is one of the Ireland’s leading temperature control specialists, with many years’ experience of working with large Hospital Trusts and government departments in the supply of temporary mortuaries and body storage facilities.

We understand the importance of rapid response in emergency situations. Our network of branches across Ireland and the UK provides rapid access to our expert local teams, backed by our national logistics and support organisation.

Turnkey service for temporary mortuaries

Our turnkey service covers all aspects of design and build to ensure rapid, effective and safe deployment of temporary mortuaries. This includes erection of the temporary mortuary building, and provision of power generation equipment and modern refrigeration and air circulation systems.

A second option is to convert an existing room or space within a building into a temporary mortuary. This can be highly cost-effective and shorten the time for deployment even further.

In both cases, the temporary mortuaries can be rapidly decommissioned to return the space or building to normal use. We can manage this process, and the associated health and hygiene aspects, as part of the turnkey process, if required.

Deployment of temporary mortuaries

Part of the global Carrier organisation, we operate to the highest regulatory and ethical standards, and have unrivalled expertise in temperature control – vital to maintaining safe and hygienic storage of bodies in temporary mortuary facilities.

We work closely with a small number of carefully selected infrastructure partners, all leaders in temporary buildings, to design and deliver fully-functional temporary mortuaries which are scalable, from small compact units up to very large facilities for use at the regional and even national level.

Our rolling programme of investment ensures our equipment fleets across the country are constantly updated, so that you have access to the most modern, efficient and reliable systems available.

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Why choose us to deploy your temporary mortuary?

  • Our turnkey service includes everything required to house, power and maintain safe mortuary operation;
  • Temporary mortuaries from CRS are scalable, from small units up to regional and national facilities;
  • We have many years’ experience working with Hospital Trusts and the government;
  • We test all equipment before it is delivered to site, ensuring everything works perfectly on arrival;
  • Our branch network across Ireland enables us to respond rapidly to your request;
  • You are covered by our 24/7 support service, ensuring vital temporary mortuary facilities continue operating efficiently for as long as required;
  • Our temporary mortuaries can be deployed on a short- or long-term basis, giving you a cost-effective solution whatever capacity is needed.

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