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Why is Rental of Cooling Equipment Such a good idea?

Why is Rental of Cooling Equipment Such a good idea?

Carrier Rental Systems has been providing bespoke hire solutions for Cooling, Heating & Power Rental for over 15 years and this article gives a good insight into the benefits of rental.

“Temperature Control Rental gives so many of our client’s flexibility, fixed costs and is a smart financial option.” says Marc White Sales Director at Carrier Rental Systems.

Looking at what is available in today’s cooling hire market is quite surprising; we discovered that the leading Chiller Rental Company - Carrier Rental Systems, has an extensive portfolio of cooling rental equipment, available for short, medium and long term hire...

Bespoke Rental Solutions for - Temporary Cooling, Heating Hire & Power Generation:

  • Fluid Chillers – Process, Production Cooling & Emergency Chiller Breakdown
  • Air Conditioning – Comfort, Production Cooling & “Down Flow” Data Centre AHUs
  • Heating – Boilers, “Efficient” Heat Pump Chillers & Space Heating Packages
  • Chill Store / Cold Store – Internal Ahu Solutions, Blast Cooling & Containers
  • Dry Air Coolers / Free Cooling – Basic Dry Air Coolers, “New Free Cooling Units” & Cooling Towers
  • Ancillary Services – Generator Power, Cable, Distribution, Catinary Wire, Hot Tapping & Plant Movement

So why would a company or business want to hire any of the above solutions?

With cash flow and capital expenditure being stretched, rental now seems to be a good option to take advantage of fixed monthly costs. This could be a 10 year rental deal to tie in with your own commitment to your customer or it be covering a breakdown on a critical piece of kit, either way you have the confidence that it will keep your business operational.

If you have unreliable cooling equipment on site, then this might be having a negative effecting on your own process, adding risk to your business plan or it could simply be an uncomfortably warm office environment that is disrupting the work force – either way it comes at a cost.

Some of the projects are for just a few weeks, to cover a replacement of an existing chiller, possibly an R22 Phase out project, high ambient temperatures or a planned / emergency shutdown – but cooling is still required to keep your business running.

One of our customers who is about to hire 3 x 550kW chillers with built in free cooling recently commented that the rental package makes the cooling system “future proof” and takes many pressures away from the on site maintenance team.

  1. Tax Relief – Rental expenditure is 100% allowable against corporation tax and will reduce what you pay.
  2. No Capital Expenditure – If you are waiting for capex approval or can’t get approval for a fixed period, then a medium term rental is a good option to be able to continue operation or win a new contract based on that contract requiring temporary plant.
  3. Fixed Monthly Costs – The rental price is constant, so this allows your company to budget accurately, plan for outgoings and keep cash flow high.
  4. 24/7 Call Out Included – We understand that your cooling system is critical, so every rental contract has 24/7 call out facility via our dedicated free phone number – 0870 397 6590. We guarantee to have one of our trained engineers return your breakdown call within 1 hour and talk through the problem, which normally solves the issue; but if this can’t be resolved over the phone, we promise to have an engineer on site within 4 hours of making that decision.
  5. No Maintenance Charges – No more surprise maintenance invoices or repair bills that could literally be thousands of pounds, as this is all included within the rental fee.
  6. Flexibility – Hire can be for peak periods or topping up cooling requirements; why hire a 1,200kw chiller all year round, when you could hire a 750kW chiller for the year at a reduced cost and then hire a 450kW chiller for the summer period.
  7. Research & Development – If you need extra capacity to trial a new product or process, then short term rental is a low cost way of proving the product – thus helping the long term growth of your business.
  8. New Premises or Short Lease – If you have just moved into a new building or have a short lease, rental is a good option to cover this period – you might not want to install a new air conditioning system or require cold storage until you expand.

“Over the last year the climate has been tough and this has highlighted that it is sensible to keep cash flow high and to reduce unnecessary risk; by renting a temperature control solution from Carrier Rental Systems this covers both of these key points.” Marc White Sales Director – Carrier Rental Systems.

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