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Carrier Rental Systems Introduces New Capability to Save Energy and Boost Chiller Control

Carrier Rental Systems Introduces New Capability to Save Energy and Boost Chiller Control

Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Ltd, the U.K.’s leading temperature control hire specialist, has introduced full Building Energy Management System (BEMS) capability for its fleet of chillers, enabling chillers on temporary cooling duty to be fully integrated into a building’s existing control system.

The addition of the BEMS capability to temporary units enables the customer’s existing BEMS to automatically control the chiller and send signals for run, fault, remote on/off and enables end-users to optimise chiller performance for occupant comfort and energy consumption. It will benefit temporary cooling projects in complex and critical applications such as hospitals, data centres, manufacturing industry and large commercial offices.

“Traditionally, rental chillers operate as stand-alone units, independent of existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems,” said Marc White, director, Carrier Rental Systems. “With the addition of the new BEMS capability to temporary units, they can be fully integrated into a building’s existing systems and work seamlessly to optimize building control and energy efficiency.”

A temporary cooling system operating without BEMS capability may work in opposition to existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) systems, which can incur a large energy penalty and result in high running costs.

The company’s solution is to offer a new range of hire chillers with full BEMS connectivity built in, enabling them to be linked into the existing building system and come under its overarching supervision.

“Today’s buildings have intelligent, algorithm-based controls designed to integrate the operation of the existing HVAC system. The arrival of a stand-alone temporary chiller can have a negative impact on the carefully calibrated balance of the system, particularly as the temporary chiller is often a replacement for an existing chiller that is either being repaired or replaced – and therefore offline,” said White.

The new approach addresses and overcomes this problem, offering end-users and building managers a significant additional benefit to maintain overall building performance, optimise occupant comfort, and minimise running costs and environmental impact during chiller rental periods.

A Carrier chiller with onboard BEMS capability was deployed recently as part of a temporary cooling project at a hospital in Northern Ireland. It enabled the chiller to be fully integrated within the hospital’s central building control and monitoring system, ensuring conditions were maintained within required limits for patients and staff in medical wards and operating theatres.

The company’s new chiller fleet with full BEMS capability is available nationwide for hire, for a variety of commercial applications.

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