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Air Conditioning rental moves to centre stage

Air Conditioning rental moves to centre stage

“I believe we will do more business this year than ever before”, says Marc White Sales Director of Carrier Rental Systems – the recently re-named CRS business formerly owned by Longville and now in the hands of Carrier Air Conditioning which has pledged major long term investment.

“There are many reasons why businesses need temporary air conditioning – among them scheduled plant maintenance, planned equipment replacement and emergency breakdown. But we are getting an increasing number of enquiries in summer and winter from customers who have not anticipated their heating or cooling need.”

“A growing category of need also comes from clients who want to see what difference air conditioning would make to their current working conditions before they take the decision to refurbish plant or purchase a new air conditioning system.”

“These are major purchasing decisions and it makes sense to ‘try before you buy’. This is a service that I have never seen any attention drawn to in the past but it is one that our teams regularly provide. Our expert specification engineers visit a site – the survey is free – and then size and design an appropriate up to date system that is based on actual occupation conditions not a vague design condition that once related to the building on the drawing board.”

“A recent example of a specialist environment that needed air conditioning and that has led to a permanent air conditioning installation occurred at a printing plant. The variation in conditions in both summer and winter has become so large that last summer the company called in Carrier Rental Systems to provide a temporary heat pump based air conditioning system. More stable environmental conditions were needed for the paper, the inks and the machine operators. The siting of the outdoor plant needed to be carefully considered to minimise the run of temporary piping and ductwork to the indoor fan coil units. These were located with the return air grilles close to the hot printing equipment and cool air was then delivered above them into the room. The design worked and now the company is getting quotes for a fixed air conditioning system. This neatly recalls the fact that the first application of air conditioning principles by Dr Willis Carrier, the father of the industry was to a printing works in New York, more than a hundred years ago.”

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