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CRS 1500kW Cooling Tower

The CRS 1500 Cooling Tower unit is modular in design and can be used as a single unit or connected in parallel to accommodate larger duties.

CRS 1500kW Cooling Tower

CRS 1500kW Cooling Tower

The CRS 1500 Cooling Tower is suited to applications that require a higher water leaving temperature when the required conditions can be met using free cooling via the CRS 1500 Cooling Tower.

Circulation pumps and connection hoses are also provided as part of the rental cooling tower package which enables the units to be incorporated into site cooling water circuits easily and efficiently.

  • Process Cooling
  • Production Cooling
  • Emergency Breakdown
  • R&D Testing


Nominal Cooling Capacity: 1,500 kW
Air Volume: 84,564m3/hour
Dimensions (L x W x H): 3,550 x 2,397 x 3,112 mm
Weight: 3,640 kg (Full)
Power Supply: 415 / 3 / 50 + N + E
Typical Power Full Load: 84 Amps / 52 kW
Minimum Process Flow: 46,800 L/H
Maximum Process Flow: 200,000 L/H
Water Connections Size: IN 6′ / OUT 8′

CRS 1500kW Cooling Tower FEATURES

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Variable speed options
  • Easy Installation, plug and play
  • Easy quick release water connections
  • Simple Electrical Connections
  • Easy to use control system

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