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Case Studies

Examples of how we assisted clients with our efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions

Utilities - Water Bio-digester Heating Kent 2000kW Boiler Hire

Utilities - Water Bio-digester Heating Kent 2000kW Boiler Hire

On-site boilers at a bio-digester plant had failed, resulting in an interruption of the fuel gas production process due to system cooling. The challenge was to quickly design and implement a temporary replacement system to restore operation, while a long-term solution was implemented.

What Did We Do?

Our expert attended site and carried out a survey to identify the nature and scale of the problem. A system design and project plan was produced to address the heating requirements.

How Did We Do It?

Once the approach was agreed with the customer, we employed a large HIAB plus trailer to deliver a 2MW boiler to site, supported by a 20,000ltr fuel tank. This was connected by flexible pipework to the main flow and return heating coil using the customer’s flange connections.

Equipment: 1 x 1MW CR 2000 Boiler
End User: A major water utility company
Application: Bio-digester plant producing fuel gas
Additional: 20,000ltr fuel tank, flexible pipe work, cables


Once installed and commissioned, the hire boiler soon generated sufficient hot water to restart the biological process within the bio-digester. Full production of fuel gas was soon re-established. The timely intervention overcame the need to remove the inactive contents from the bio-digester and start the process from scratch, saving time, money and lost productivity.

Paul Ives, regional sales manager at Carrier Rental Systems, said: “The project enabled continuity of operation at the plant, upon which more than 1 million customers depended. It highlights the importance of a rapid response and a tailored solution, to ensure a successful outcome.”

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