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Examples of how we assisted clients with our efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions

Chemical Manufacturing - Cooling Hire - Refrigerant (ML29) Cooling - Yorkshire - 400kW Low Temp (75kW @ -25°C) Chiller Hire

Chemical Manufacturing - Cooling Hire - Refrigerant (ML29) Cooling - Yorkshire - 400kW Low Temp (75kW @ -25°C) Chiller Hire

The Challenge

Progressive failure of a low temperature process cooling chiller plant was limiting production at this chemical processing facility. CRS were asked to provide a temporary solution to enable full production to resume as quickly as possible, while the original fault was assessed and a long-term solution found.

What Did We Do?

Carrier Rental Systems attended site and assessed the requirement for process cooling at -25°C, and made a rapid recommendation which was agreed by the client. It involved a two-stage installation process, co-ordinated by CRS.

How Did We Do It?

We ordered a new high efficiency gas-to-liquid brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) and delivered it to the client’s site, where it was installed in the manufacturing process by the customer. CRS then supplied and installed the low temperature chillers and ancillary equipment package, and connected it up to the existing on-site services.

Equipment was on site, installed, piped up to the existing hot water services, and up and running on the same day we received the emergency call-out.

Equipment: 3 x CRS 200 low temperature chillers
End User: Chemical processor
Application: Low temperature process cooling
Additional: Flexible pipe work, cables, distribution and Plate Heat Exchanger


Installation of the temporary cooling package quickly restored production of low temperature process cooling at the site, allowing full production to continue while repairs to the main plant were undertaken. The customer was pleased the speed of our response and the success of the temporary solution in meeting the urgent need for low temperature process cooling.

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