The Benefits of Renting Chillers for Permanent Ice Rink Operators

Operators of permanent or fixed ice rinks can increase their return on investment by hiring instead of buying the essential refrigeration chillers needed to maintain rinks. As the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier, we can advise on the most cost-effective options and supply the modern, efficient equipment needed for long-term business success.

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The rental option for chillers is most often associated with temporary ice rinks, set up in winter in parks, shopping centres and so on as winter season attractions.

However for operators of permanent or fixed ice rinks, renting rather than buying refrigeration equipment can also be highly attractive due to the tax advantages and having access to the most modern equipment.

The tax benefits can be substantial. This is because rental costs are typically deductible as business expenses for corporation tax purposes, whereas capital purchases are usually capitalised and depreciated over a number of years.

This means the business gains an immediate benefit for the full amount of rental expenditure from the first year, and continues to benefit in every subsequent year for the length of the hire agreement. We suggest you consult your tax or finance professional for further guidance.

Other benefits of rental

Another important benefit of renting is that you have access to the most modern and efficient equipment available, ensuring energy costs are kept to a minimum. Energy use represents one of the most significant overhead costs for ice rink operators, and the savings resulting from using modern, energy efficiency chillers can be very significant and fall straight to your bottom line.

Rental also offers the certainty of fixed costs, enabling ice rink operators to budget with confidence. This is because our hire agreements include 24/7 maintenance cover for chillers and other equipment, so there are no surprise bills for breakdowns or site attendance, as there is in the case of purchased capital plant. This can amount to substantial savings over time, and gives you control of a source of major uncertainty faced by ice rink operators, improving cash flow in the process.

Renting rather than buying chillers also ensures you comply with changes in the law relating to refrigerants and other aspects of equipment. An ice rink operator with older plant that needs replacing may be nervous about committing to a certain refrigerant type, given the possibility of future changes in the F-Gas regulations.

We constantly invest in the most modern and legally compliant equipment available. Therefore, when you rent you can have total peace of mind that you are fully compliant with all laws applying to the equipment.

Save on the cost of refrigeration contractors

Service and maintenance of chillers is essential to ensure they remain in tip-top condition and continue to operate efficiently. The cost of employing refrigeration contractors can be high. As mentioned, the rental option includes full maintenance and servicing, with our professional engineers on standby 24/7 to attend site in the unlikely event of a problem – to minimise downtime and rapidly get you back up and running again.

The benefits of renting chillers for permanent ice rinks

  • The tax benefits for operators can be substantial;
  • Fixed monthly costs give certainty and improved cash-flow for the business;
  • Reduced energy bills due to using the most modern equipment;
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs as these are covered by our hire agreement;
  • Compliance with all current legislation and future-proofing against future changes.
  • Our experienced refrigeration hire specialists can advise on the most cost-effective solution for your ice rink.
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