Refrigeration System Hire for Ice Bars, Ice Sculpture Displays and Winter Wonderland Events

Winter-themed attractions have proved hugely popular in recent years, enhanced by add-on features such as ice bars and ice sculpture displays – not to mention spectacular televised competitions such as those staged by Red Bull. As the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of cooling and power to such events, we can advise on all aspects and supply everything you need to stage a successful winter season attraction.

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With something for all the family, winter season events attract large audiences across the country each year. Organisers are highly creative and can harness the same refrigeration chillers used to create traditional ice skating rinks to produce ice bars, spectacular displays of ice sculpture, and winter wonderland style features.

On the largest scale, international sporting competitions such as Red Bull’s Crashed Ice events – for which we are a key supplier – have a large and growing following around the world.

Reliable refrigeration is key to success with ice-themed events

Sufficient, reliable cooling is critical to the success of ice-themed winter attractions. Too little cooling capacity, or breakdowns due to unreliable equipment, can ruin the show for visitors and organisers alike.

We have many years’ experience of supplying top quality hire chillers and temporary power systems for use in creating outdoor winter attractions with ice features around Ireland and the UK.

We constantly invest in the most modern and efficient refrigeration chillers available. This ensures visitors to your ice-based event have a great experience, and enables you to maximise returns on your investment by minimising downtime and maintaining high quality ice conditions throughout the duration of the attraction.

We work with you on your ice event

Our experienced teams work with you to understand your requirements and ensure you have the right amount of cooling to create and maintain all the refrigerated features at your event.

We can also provide the temporary heating required for bars, cafés and leisure areas. Heating capacity can also be used at the end of your event to speed up melting of ice to enable more rapid decommissioning in order to save you costs.

Once agreed, we then supply and install everything needed to make your event a reality, including temporary power systems to keep equipment running and the show on the road.

Why choose us for your next ice themed event:

  • Our hire service includes everything you need to ensure your ice themed event is a success;
  • We can advise on creative add-on features such as ice bars and themed ice sculpture displays;
  • Our equipment fleet includes the most modern and energy efficient refrigeration, heating and temporary power packages available;
  • All equipment is tested before delivery to your site, ensuring it works first time and continues to operate efficiently throughout the contract;
  • Our nationwide network ensures a rapid response and support 24/7, to keep your event up and running in peak condition.
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