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Temporary Supermarkets and Food Distribution Facilities for Rapid Deployment: Emergency Response

We supply and manage everything required to create fully functioning temporary supermarkets and food distribution centres. Our turnkey service includes the temporary building structure, power, and essential HVAC services. We manage all logistics to ensure rapid deployment anywhere in Ireland or the UK.

In times of national or local emergency, ensuring food supplies are maintained is vital, both for the wellbeing of the population and to maintain public order.

Similarly, in the case of business disruption as a result of flood damage or other contingencies, it is essential to maintain supplies to local communities and protect business continuity.

To meet these requirements, we can rapidly deploy fully operational temporary supermarkets and food distribution facilities – equipped with everything required to support a busy food retail operation.

With our experienced teams at your disposal, temporary supermarket and food distribution centres will be up and running quickly, to meet the need wherever and whenever it arises.

High quality temporary food retail facilities

Carrier Rental Systems is the Ireland's leading provider of temporary temperature control and power solutions. We work closely with temporary building specialists to create fully-functional temporary food retail outlets that can be deployed to any suitable location, with power and all services provided as part of a cost-effective package.

Buildings and decor can be tailored to match your requirements, including use of branding and colour schemes. We understand that customer experience is of paramount importance. Therefore, our temporary retail facilities are designed and built to have a ‘permanent’ feel, to maximise the shopping experience for customers.

Part of the global Carrier organisation, we are one of the few companies that can provide the full spectrum of temperature control equipment from our top quality and comprehensive range. This includes everything from efficient, high performance chillers and air handling units, to the latest low emission boilers and packaged heating systems.

Our fleet of modern, quiet mobile electrical generators provides all the power required to keep HVAC systems, refrigeration and lighting running smoothly 24/7, for as long as needed.

Rapid deployment to support essential food supply operations

We understand the importance of rapid response. We have unrivalled experience in dealing with emergencies and mission critical situations, and our business is geared to respond from the moment we receive your call.

Our experienced teams on standby around the country have the specialist equipment and logistics skills required to quickly plan and deploy everything required to support temporary food distribution centres and temporary supermarkets.

With branches covering Ireland and the UK, we can deploy from our local and regional fleets within a few hours, to ensure than vital food distribution and retail services are maintained.

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Why choose CRS to provide your temporary supermarket and food distribution facility?

  • We are the Irish leaders in the provision of temporary food retail and distribution facilities;
  • Our turnkey service includes the building structure, power and all essential services;
  • No matter where in Ireland or the UK the need arises, our network provides a local point of contact and stock of equipment ready to be deployed as soon as we receive your instructions;
  • Our modern, high performance equipment and power systems are tested before delivery to your site, ensuring everything works perfectly on arrival;
  • You are covered by our 24/7 support service, ensuring plant continues operating efficiently throughout the hire period.
  • Temporary supermarkets and food distribution facilities can be deployed on a short-term or long-term basis, giving you a cost-effective solution whatever your needs.

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