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Temporary Buildings for Rapid Deployment in Emergencies and for Adding Extra Capacity

We supply and manage everything required to create fully functioning temporary buildings that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Our turnkey service includes the temporary building structure, power, and all essential HVAC services. We manage all logistics to ensure rapid deployment anywhere in Ireland or the UK.

Temporary buildings can be used to provide shelter, accommodation, medical treatment facilities, storage and a host of other uses, as part of an effective response to local and national emergencies.

They may be required as a result of business disruption arising from flood damage, for example, or other emergencies such as pandemics and civil unrest.

To meet these requirements, we can rapidly deploy fully operational temporary buildings – equipped with everything required to operate to similar standards as fixed buildings.

Our experienced teams ensure that your temporary building is up and running quickly, to meet the need wherever and whenever it arises in Ireland and the UK.

Rapid deployment of temporary buildings

We understand the importance of rapid response, and have unrivalled experience in dealing with emergencies and mission critical situations. Our business is geared to respond from the moment we receive your call.

Our experienced teams on standby around the country have the specialist equipment and logistics skills required to quickly plan and deploy everything required to support your temporary building for whatever purpose it is required.

With branches covering Ireland and the UK, we deploy from our local and regional fleets within a few hours and will have your temporary building up and running quickly and efficiently.

Temporary buildings equipped with everything needed

Carrier Rental Systems is one of the Ireland’s leading providers of temperature control and power solutions, and we work closely with temporary building specialists to create fully-functional temporary buildings that can be deployed at any suitable location.

Part of the global Carrier organisation, we are specialists in the full spectrum of temperature control and air movement equipment. This includes everything from efficient, high performance chillers and air handling units, to the latest low emission boilers and packaged heating systems.

Our fleet of modern, quiet mobile electrical generators provides all the power required to keep HVAC systems and lighting in temporary buildings running smoothly 24/7, for as long as needed.

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Why choose CRS to provide supply your temporary building needs?

  • We are one of Ireland's leaders in the provision of temporary buildings, remote power and indoor environmental control equipment;
  • Our temporary buildings can be deployed on a short-term or long-term basis, giving you a cost-effective solution whatever your needs.
  • We offer a turnkey service that includes everything required, including power, heating, cooling and lighting;
  • Our nationwide network provides a local point of contact and stocking, enabling deployment of your temporary building as soon as we receive your instructions;
  • You are covered by our 24/7 support service, ensuring your temporary building and its support services continue operating efficiently throughout the hire period.

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