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Carrier Rental Systems Supporting Energy-From-Waste Growth

Carrier Rental Systems Supporting Energy-From-Waste Growth

Carrier Rental Systems is supplying temporary cooling and heating equipment to support the UK's growing energy-from-waste facilities.

Biodigester plants harness natural biological processes using bacteria to break down organic matter to produce methane. The gas is then used as a fuel source to generate electricity. The benefit is that food and agricultural waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill can be used to produce clean energy. When new plants are commissioned, an external energy source is required to warm the organic feed stock within the biodigester, to initiate biological activity. Once this process becomes established, it produces its own heat as a result of the biological activity and becomes self-perpetuating.

A temporary heating source, therefore, is required during the start-up phase to prime the system. Carrier Rental Systems is supplying packaged boiler plant, buffer tanks and associated pipework on a hire basis for this purpose to several new energy-from-waste plants around the country.

It is also providing packaged Carrier AquaForce 30XA air-cooled screw chiller on a hire basis for use in biodigester facilities undergoing maintenance. Here, in a reverse of the above process, a chiller is used to cool the contents of the biodigester in order to arrest biological activity.

In a recent example, it supplied a high efficiency 100kW AquaForce chiller to an energy-from-waste plant in Reading, which was due for major maintenance work.

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