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New Evaporative Cooler Range

New Evaporative Cooler Range

Carrier Rental Systems has recently taken receipt of a large volume of new equipment including chillers ranging from 80kW to 750kW along with new air handlers, a new evaporative cooler range and new split units.

Carrier Rental Systems has recently invested in brand, new equipment which includes a range of chillers. We have units available from 80kW to 750kW in power, so whether you are looking for a cooler for hospitality, industrial or retail environments, we will have something to suit you!

In addition, we have released a new range of air handlers, evaporative coolers and split conditioning units. Each of these has been designed with energy and cost efficiency in mind, to give you the very best product for your money.

The evaporative cooler range has been built with quality in mind. It can be connected directly to your water pipe so you won’t have to worry about refilling the containers.

The 6.7kW split unit has also been improved to fit the customer’s needs. Its modifications include reduced noise, improved wheels for moving unit and bumpers for protection. These amendments will have been incorporated into the design to ensure that the product performs to the highest standard.

Carrier Rental Systems work as a team to ensure that all of your client requirements are met. We have the knowledge and expertise to solve any of your heating problems in a quick and efficient manner.

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