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Carrier Rental Systems provides more cooling than ever before at the 2014 Farnborough International Air Show

Carrier Rental Systems provides more cooling than ever before at the 2014 Farnborough International Air Show

The Farnborough International Air Show, which took place in the United Kingdom in July 2014, has been regarded as one of the largest outdoor temporary cooling installations in Europe for a number of years and 2014 saw the event surpass itself, with Carrier Rental Systems supplying and installing over 14 megawatts of temporary cooling.

As the event’s preferred supplier, Carrier fulfilled more than three-quarters of the air conditioning contracts at the event, also providing the temporary power and power management for the installations and for several other high profile functions such as the air display headquarters and flight line hospitality. The week-long event has taken place at Farnborough since 1948, attracting more than 100,000 people annually.

Carrier supplied the five vast exhibition halls with cutting edge Aquaforce® high-efficiency chillers. These units, which feature the latest micro-channel heat exchange technology, have the advantage of multiple circuits that operate independently. This is particularly important for temporary installations as it provides flexibility and protection against possible component failure.

Additionally, Carrier supplied all the air handling equipment required for the expansive tents, meeting rooms, restaurants and the vast majority of the corporate entertainment areas. All of the air handling units, both large and small, were fitted with energy saving controls. The large inverter-controlled air handlers supplied a maximum 60,000 cubic meters of air per hour and were direct driven, while the small units installed in the media center could be manually controlled by occupiers of the spaces to meet precise, individual requirements. These units received chilled water from the chillers via a ring main design with chilled water running under the structure and teeing off to provide individual flow and return to each of the seventy-six fan coils.

Finally, for the corporate chalets, Carrier supplied over three hundred Toshiba DX split units, mainly in the form of ceiling cassettes.

“Carrier Rental Systems has not just provided equipment to make the show happen. Its teams of systems designers and installers have been an integral part building the show infrastructure for many years and every event sees the introduction of further innovations. Many of the small innovations are about simplifying the installation and reducing time on site. The majority of the equipment, ranging from the seven kilometers of perforated fabric ducting to the safety fencing, is re-usable and used continuously within the chiller rental business. At Carrier Rental Systems we pride ourselves on minimizing waste and promoting a culture of sustainability through recycling as many components as possible for use in other projects,” commented Keith Browse, Director and General Manager (Temperature Control), Carrier Rental Systems UK Ltd.

The Carrier Rental Systems teams were on-site from May 2014 taking part in all aspects of the two-month build prior to the event, and during the show provided 24-hour cover. Nearly all of the equipment was removed and sent on to new projects within three weeks of the show closing.

UTC Aerospace Systems, Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky were present at the air show, demonstrating world-class products, systems and capabilities. A mixture of 3.5 kW, 5 kW and 14 kW Toshiba Carrier Ceiling Cassette Units (thirty-five in total) were installed throughout the UTC chalet, providing heating and cooling to the two tier temporary structure for the one week event.

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