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Carrier Rental Systems Plays Leading Role in Cooling and Heating for London Film Studio

Carrier Rental Systems Plays Leading Role in Cooling and Heating for London Film Studio

Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Ltd, a leading temporary cooling and heating specialist, secured a contract to supply temporary cooling, heating and ventilation for a high-profile film studio project.

A major production company has converted a factory building in London into individual sections to create a film set along with workshops, dressing rooms and a technical centre. Each of the six separate spaces required its own heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) services to maintain optimum conditions for film crews, performers and technical equipment.

“Because of the age of the building, there was no existing HVAC infrastructure,” said Simon Ward, national events manager, Carrier Rental Systems. “The client asked us to equip the site with high-efficiency temporary HVAC services so it can operate to full, modern standards during the 39-week film production period.”

Carrier Rental Systems supplied rooftop-mounted chillers and indirect fired units for space heating and a 100 kilowatt boiler to supply hot water to air handling units. The company, which also installed and commissioned the plant, supplied the building with a number of portable heaters to provide comfort in specific areas.

Due to the importance of maintaining a clean, dust-free atmosphere during construction, porous fabric ducting was used to supply low velocity air in order to avoid entrainment of fine air-borne particles.

Carrier Rental Systems has implemented a temporary cooling and heating solution, including a remote control system enabling crew to switch the plant on and off when the stage set is being used. When turned on again after a take, the supply of cool air is instantly restored without noise or vibration affecting production.

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