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Airport HVAC Contract

Airport HVAC Contract

Carrier Rental Systems has secured a 26 week hire at a Major UK Airport. 800kW of cooling has been installed on site to provide both comfort cooling and data centre cooling to a mains office. An additional 450kW of cooling installed at another area of the airport to provide comfort cooling to a business lounge facility.

Carrier Rental Systems is pleased to announce that we have secured a 26 week contract with a major airport in the UK.

We have recently installed an 800kW cooling system onsite to provide both comfort cooling and ventilation to the data centre office.

These types of rooms often can pose a serious threat of overheating if they are not ventilated properly. It is extremely important to have a cooling system in place to prevent dangerous situations and the risk of losing important files.

An additional 450kW of cooling installed in another area of the airport to provide comfort to the business lounge facility. When waiting to board the plane, passengers can now relax in the seating area without getting hot or uncomfortable.

We will be working alongside our sister company, Carrier Service, throughout the project. This way we can ensure that the work is completed to the highest standard.

Carrier Service have helped to supervise the offloading and positioning of the chiller hire packages. Our engineers completed the pipework and cable installation, choosing the most efficient location to place the cooling system.

Marc White, the company’s Rental Sales Director, commented on the project and said; “I am pleased that Rental and Service can work closely to develop this and other customer accounts going forward.”

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