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Utilities - Water Bio-Digester Cooling Reading 100kW Chiller Hire

Utilities - Water Bio-Digester Cooling Reading 100kW Chiller Hire

The contents of a bio-digester plant needed to be cooled in order to arrest biological activity, prior to the system being emptied to enable maintenance work to be carried out.

What Did We Do?

Our regional manager attended site to assess the nature and scale of the cooling requirement. A proposal and project plan was then produced to address the need.

How Did We Do It?

Once agreed with the customer, Carrier Rental Systems delivered a high performance, high efficiency 100kW chiller to site. After commissioning, it was connected up to the plant’s main process heat exchanger. This enabled rapid contactless cooling of the bio-digester contents as they passed through their own circuit within the heat exchanger.

Equipment: 1 x 100kW CRS chiller
End User: A major water utility company
Application: Bio-digester plant producing fuel gas
Additional: Flexible Pipe Work, Cable & Buffer Tank


Once installed and commissioned, the chiller quickly reduced the temperature of the bio-digester contents, progressively slowing biological reactions to near zero. This is enabled removal of materials so that maintenance work could commence.

Paul Ives, regional sales manager at Carrier Rental Systems, said: “This was an unusual hire project, as normally it is boilers that are needed to initiate biological activity upon start-up. In this case, a temporary cooling solution was required to reverse the biodigestion process to enable maintenance to be carried out.”

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