Case Studies

Examples of how we assisted clients with our efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions



The Challenge

A hospital suffered a failure of one of the chillers providing cooling to a number of operating theatres.

What Did We Do?

A Bronze level TCEPS plan was in place following a survey of all of the hospitals steam, heating, hot water and cooling plant. This meant that we had details of all of the chillers, the areas within the hospital they were supporting and the rental equipment that would be needed in the event of a failure. The plan had also detailed any remedial works that the hospital had to undertake to allow connection of temporary equipment.

How Did We Do It?

As soon as the call came in the local depot collected all of the equipment together that had been detailed in the plan for the affected area. The equipment was deployed and a crane organised to lift the rental chiller into position on the building’s roof. Connection points, suitable power and a water source had all been made available following the recommendations provided.

End Results

Cooling was back on line within 4 hours of receiving the initial call which avoided the closure of the theatres and the cancellation of the planned operations for the day. The rental chiller stayed in osition on the roof until the existing chiller plant had been repaired and the hospital were confident in its performance.

Equipment Used:

  • CRS 402 Chiller

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