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Publishing - Air Conditioning, London - 262kW Chiller Hire

Publishing - Air Conditioning, London - 262kW Chiller Hire

The Challenge

This leading business publisher suffered a chiller breakdown at its central London premises, resulting in a loss of cooling to its critical data centre and associated offices. The company’s employees and computer servers were struggling to cope as temperatures rapidly rose.

What Did We Do?

An experienced CRS manager visited the site and established that the existing adiabatic dry air cooler in the building’s plant room had failed. It was vital to provide a source of temporary cooling to enable the data centre to function and for staff to remain productive. CRS made a recommendation for a high performance, high efficiency hire system, which was accepted.

How Did We Do It?

We urgently delivered to site a CRS 262 chiller, which was quickly installed and connected up. Pipe work was routed up to rooflevel via a scaffolding tower and catenary wire. When everything was in place, the system was commissioned and quickly operational, delivering the required cooling to the client’s data centre and office space.

End User: Business publisher
Application: Data centre and office cooling
Equipment: CRS 262 Chiller
Accessories: Flexible Pipe Work, Cables, Catenary Wire System


Once the temporary hire system was operational, temperatures in the server rooms and offices were quickly reduced, ensuring the client could successfully continue business operations until a permanent solution could be put in place. The customer was very pleased with the speed of CRS’s response and the effectiveness of the solution delivered.

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