Case Studies

Examples of how we assisted clients with our efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions

Production Line Cooling - CRS 100kW Chiller and CRS 100kW AHU

Production Line Cooling - CRS 100kW Chiller and CRS 100kW AHU

We had a call from our Carrier Service Division looking for us to provide a rental solution for their client as they were in urgent need of additional cooling in the production line within a large factory due to rising temperatures due to the summer temperatures and inadequate existing plant.

Carrier Rental Systems supplied a CRS 100kW Chiller and CRS 100kW Air Handler Unit. With the plant room being on the roof of the building in question, the client had arranged a contract lift with a crane company and the equipment was lifted into position and quickly installed by Carrier Rental Systems engineers.

The AHU was fitted with a 600mm flexi-duct which was fed into the existing fixed AHU thus providing much needed additional cooling to the production line.

This chiller and associated AHUs remain in position at the Glasgow factory providing adequate cooling for the company to continue production.

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