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Plastic Manufacturing, Injection Moulding - Cooling Hire - Midlands - 1,200kW Chiller Hire

Plastic Manufacturing, Injection Moulding - Cooling Hire - Midlands - 1,200kW Chiller Hire

The Challenge

A multiple chiller failure at this plastics injection moulding specialist left the company without vital process cooling for its manufacturing facility. It required a rapid response from CRS to evaluate the requirement, and supply and install a number of temporary water chillers to restore production while the breakdown of existing plant was fully assessed and a long-term remedial plan put in place.

What Did We Do?

Carrier Rental Systems attended site soon after the call was received and quickly assessed the requirement for cooling. A recommendation was made for a replacement cooling package, which was agreed by the client. The equipment and all ancillaries were delivered to site, installed and commissioned, enabling production to quickly resume without further loss of downtime.

How Did We Do It?

We supplied three high performance, high efficiency CRS 402 chillers with all necessary ancillaries as part of a complete turnkey solution. The package included flexible pipe work, buffer vessels and power cables.

Equipment was installed and piped up to the existing chilled water services at the factory, enabling production to recommence.

Equipment: 3 x CRS 402 chillers
End User: Plastics injection moulding
Application: Chillers for process cooling
Additional: Flexible pipe work, buffer vessels and power cables


Following installation of the temporary replacement chillers, evaporators soon became blocked, as a result of the original process fault that led to the breakdown of the existing chillers. Modifications were made by the customer which rectified this, and the temporary chillers resumed and continued operating without interruption.

The customer was very pleased with CRS’s response time and the professionalism shown throughout the project. Equipment performance has exceeded expectations, with the added benefit of chiller redundancy as a safety net in the event of future equipment failure.

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