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Manufacturing - Process Cooling, North East - 220kW Chiller Hire

Manufacturing - Process Cooling, North East - 220kW Chiller Hire

The Challenge

A leading ice cream producer suffered a chiller breakdown at one of its largest UK facilities. With high demand and production targets to meet, temperatures began rising, threatening stock and continuity of production. The challenge was to deliver a rapid temporary cooling solution to enable production to continue while repairs were carried out or a replacement found for on-site plant.

What Did We Do?

After receiving the emergency call, our refrigeration experts visited the site in the north of England to quickly evaluate the cooling requirement and propose a hire solution to meet the need. The team, led by CRS’s regional sales manager Jonathan Barnes, established that the plant had lost half its 300kW cooling capacity as a result of failure of a chiller. CRS came up with a cost-effective proposal and the solution was accepted by the customer.

How Did We Do It?

We organised delivery of a modern, super-efficient CRS 220 packaged chiller to the ice cream manufacturer’s site, plus all required hoses and cable. The chiller was positioned outside the main temperature-controlled facility, with flexible hoses connected up to deliver food-safe chilled glycol-brine to the end user’s main cooling circuit.

End User: Food Manufacturer
Application: Temporary cooling for food freezing facility
Equipment: 1 x CRS 220 chiller
Accessories: Flexible pipe work, insulation and cables


Equipment was quickly on site, installed, commissioned and up-and-running. The chiller was soon onstream and operating smoothly, replacing the lost 150kW cooling capacity as a result of the chiller outage.

Due to the timely solution, production of ice cream and ice lollies was able to continue without interruption, preventing stock loss and ensuring orders were delivered to customers on time, while the chiller breakdown was attended to by the end user’s contractor.

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