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Case Studies

Examples of how we assisted clients with our efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions

Logistics - Warehouse Cooling Hire Chill Store, Wirral - 150kW Chiller Hire

Logistics - Warehouse Cooling Hire Chill Store, Wirral - 150kW Chiller Hire

The Challenge

We received an emergency call-out following failure of refrigeration plant cooling a warehouse containing £1million-worth of chocolates for a global confectionary producer. The project required rapid provision of hire plant to maintain temperature until the fixed cooling system could be repaired.

What Did We Do?

Our cooling experts visited the site shortly after receiving the call, and quickly assessed the requirements for temporary cooling. The end user required stock to be kept at between 12 and 17deg C while repairs were carried out. The site visit took place the day before planned installation over a Bank Holiday weekend, requiring equipment and transport to be organised in a tight time-frame during a holiday period.

How Did We Do It?

We delivered and installed a temporary cooling system based on two high efficiency CRS 200 chillers linked to a CRS 150kW air handing unit (AHU). The equipment was lifted into the cold store’s loading bay using a HIAB, skated into position and connected up using flexible pipework. A temporary power generator with high capacity fuel tank was attached to power the chiller and AHU. After commissioning, our engineers monitored temperatures to ensure desired conditions were achieved and being maintained. Once stabilised, the plant was left to run in automatic mode for the week-long hire period.

End User: Food Manufacturer
Application: Temporary cooling for chocolate cold store
Equipment: 2 x CRS 200 chillers, 1 x CRS 150kW air handing unit, 1 x 100kVA power generator and 2000 litre fuel tank
Accessories: Flexible pipe work, cables and distribution


From receipt of the emergency call, the project was quoted, delivered and installed within 24 hours. The temperature in the cold store was quickly brought down to 13.5deg C, and maintained throughout the week-long period of the project until the static plant was repaired.

Carrier Rental System’s regional sales manager, Ashley Frith, who led the project, said: “The customer was very pleased with our quick response following the emergency call out. The rapid deployment and installation of hire plant enabled desired temperatures to be restored and maintained, ensuring stock was kept in perfect condition until repairs had been made.”

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