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Facilities Management Boiler Hire - 500kW Boiler Hire - London

Facilities Management Boiler Hire - 500kW Boiler Hire - London

A London Crown Court was left without heating and hot water when a boiler failed, threatening to interrupt legal proceedings and halt work of the court.

What Did We Do?

Carrier Rental Systems reacted quickly after receiving an emergency call following the unexpected breakdown of the court’s hot water and heating boiler. We carried out a rapid survey and installed a temporary replacement boiler to enable proceedings to continue.

How Did We Do It?

During a site visit we identified how to connect the hire boiler into the system, using the existing pump to circulate LTHW for hot water and heating circuits, which were across multiple floors. Our engineer worked with the on-site maintenance contractor to run a temporary cable from the existing three-phase supply to the hire boiler – with the final connection being made by the site electrician.

Equipment – CRS 500 Boiler, CRS Fuel Tank, Pipe Work, Fittings & Cable
End User – London Crown Court
Application – Hot Water and Heating – LTHW
Additional – Fuel Management Service Provided

The Results

Once the replacement hire boiler was installed and commissioned, on the same day the breakdown was notified to us, full heating and hot water services were restored to the building, and the work of the court was able to continue uninterrupted.

Commenting on the project, CRS director Marc White, said: “We received a call to say that the client’s boiler had failed, and that they urgently needed temporary heating to operate the court. We lost no time and dispatched a member of the team to survey the project and provide a rapid solution.”

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