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Case Studies

Examples of how we assisted clients with our efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions

Event Ice Rink - Ice Rink, York - 1,200kW Chiller Hire

Event Ice Rink - Ice Rink, York - 1,200kW Chiller Hire

The Challenge

The client’s brief was to create one of the largest temporary real ice rinks ever staged in the UK, measuring 32.5m by 30m, with a total ice area of 975sq m. It needed to accommodate a 10m tall Christmas tree in the centre as a focal point. The project required close collaboration with the client and other contractors setting up fairground attractions in close proximity.

What Did We Do?

The CRS team, headed by our national outdoor ice rink specialist, worked closely with the client to agree the rink design and construction, and the supporting refrigeration, heating and power requirements for the project. It required substantial refrigeration capacity to build and maintain the ice pad, plus heating and auxiliary power for the café and changing areas.

How Did We Do It?

We installed a 4in-high bund to contain the ice mat and barrier system, insulated to reduce running costs. A viscreen water-proof membrane was used to create a tank for the ice, reducing the amount of water required. Once sealed, the mat system was rolled out, dressed and pressure tested. The rink barrier was then installed with gates for skater access. The refrigeration system was turned on and set to circulate glycol at -10deg C. Water was sprayed onto the mat to create layered ice, which is stronger than ice produced by simple flooding. Finally, we installed power and heating systems for the café and changing areas, with warm air being distributed evenly via overhead ducts.

End User: Seasonal Winter event organiser
Application: Outdoor temporary ice rink
Equipment: 3 x CRS Carrier 402 chillers, diesel heaters
Accessories: Glycol tank, pumps, boiler, fuel tanks, hoses and fittings, cable and distribution


Once commissioned, the ice pad was progressively formed to create a high quality skating surface. With its towering Christmas tree set in the centre, the spacious rink formed an attractive centre-piece and visitor attraction at the heart of the winter seasonal event. The ice rink was maintained in tip-top condition throughout the seven week hire period.

Simon Ward, CRS’s outdoor events and ice rink specialist, said: “This successful project was one of the largest outdoor temporary rinks created in the UK. It required multiple equipment deployments, and close coordination with the client and other contractors to ensure success.”

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