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Case Studies

Examples of how we assisted clients with our efficient, cost-effective temporary cooling, heating and ventilation hire solutions

Event Ice Rink - Ice Rink Contingency Plan, Slough - 900kW Chiller Hire

Event Ice Rink - Ice Rink Contingency Plan, Slough - 900kW Chiller Hire

The Challenge

A town council was concerned that unreliable chillers at its high revenue-generating ice rink could fail at any time. They asked us to create a contingency plan to restore the rink rapidly in the event of breakdown. Two months after the plan was agreed, the refrigeration plant failed on Boxing Day. CRS sprang into action, implementing the plan and restoring services for an extended period.

What Did We Do?

Our ice rink specialists worked closely with the client to develop a detailed recovery plan. It included key timelines, equipment and labour requirements, site drawings, logistic plans and all associated costs. Once signed off, the plan was held by CRS centrally and at our local depot near the rink, so all relevant parties knew how to respond.

How Did We Do It?

When the plant failed, the client called our regional sales manager who initiated the recovery plan. We quickly organised transport to deliver refrigeration and other equipment to site with CRS engineers to carry out the recovery process.

As the original rink was due to be replaced, plant was contracted for long-term hire for a period of four years while the new rink was built. To bridge the gap between demolition of the old plant and the new rink opening, CRS provided cooling for a temporary ice rink installed within a marquee, which operated for nine months. We also supplied temporary power as the supply to the old building was removed.

End User: Town council
Application: Contingency planning; recovery of indoor ice rink; outdoor covered temporary rink
Equipment: 2 x CRS Carrier 402 chillers
Accessories: 2 x 500kva Generators, 1 x 6,000Ltr Fuel Tank, 2 x Pumps, Buffer Tank, hoses, cables, pipework and accessories


Following the agreed recovery plan, the original rink was quickly back in service and operating normally, supporting users’ activity programmes and enabling sporting fixtures to go ahead, protecting our client’s revenue.

Due to the long term project, the temporary brine buffer tank was later replaced with a more permanent pipework and pump station and the system converted to a sealed system.

Simon Ward, CRS special events and ice rink specialist, said: “The project was unusual in combining disaster planning, recovery implementation on a fixed rink, and the creation of a temporary outdoor rink. The success of this multi-faceted project – carried out over a significant period – demonstrates the capabilities of CRS and how we deliver for clients.”

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